Domestic Business Laws and Practices More »
We offer prompt and high quality legal services based upon wide variety of expertise and experience which are necessary for the better management and resolution of any legal dispute and issues arising from day-to-day business operations.
International Business Laws and Practices More »
Taking advantage of the TERRALEX global network, we offer timely and tailor-made legal services principally by the attorneys with qualification of New York State Bar to our clients involved with cross-border transactions. We are proud of our high standard legal services which also come at a reasonable charge, and we extend the scope of our assistance through utilization of the TERRALEX global network of other independent law firms.
General Law Practices More »
We provide our clients with guidelines and represent our clients in order to solve any legal problems which may be relevant to, or arise out of daily life, such as divorce, inheritance, execution of wills, traffic accidents, and so forth.